What's happeneing at TED2015 ?

What's happeneing at TED2015 ?

This week in Vancouver, thinkers, dreamers and mavericks met at TED2015 to talk about our world and following are the topics talked on TED stage. TED conferences produces the best talks and brings in the the best speakers across the world.

Session 1: Opening Gambit March 16, 2015
Session 2: What Are We Thinking?
Session 3: Machines That Learn
Session 4: Out of This World
Session 5: Life Stories
Session 6: Radical Reframe
Session 7: Creative Ignition
Session 8: Pop-Up Magazine
Session 9: Just and Unjust March 19, 2015
Session 10: Building From Scratch March 19, 2015
Session 11: Passion and Consequence March 19, 2015
Session 12: Endgame March 20, 2015 

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