Apr 10, 2015

7 things all start-ups can learn from HBO's Silicon Valley

7 things all start-ups can learn from HBO's Silicon Valley

The real Silicon Valley is the epitome of the American dream at work, good old-fashioned capitalism being built bit by bit. Silicon valley has become a global mecca for high-tech talent--as well as near-perfect circumstances for startups such as access to VC capital and an entrepreneurial environment fueled by top universities and research centers--those features can be found elsewhere.

Then what is the Valley's secret? That's the question that companies worldwide are feverishly trying to answer, from India to China to US.

#1 All catchy brand taglines are already taken

#2 Everyone's always confused about what your company actually does

#3 There's always a chance that someone will copy your product

#4 The moment you realise that your brand new company's name is already taken

#5 All startups take inspiration from Facebook

#6 All successful companies have logos in lowercase letters

#7 Pivoting is the name of the game

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