Eat the Passwords & Unlock your Devices

Eat the Passwords & Unlock your Devices

World’s leading payment gateway PayPal is in the process of developing a technology that uses a Human Body as an Access ID for their secured personal accounts. With the help of these “Edible Passwords,” we can easily unlock our personal devices & gadgets from inside our body. The engineers at Paypal think this as the only alternative to combat the ever growing hackers and their hacking techniques.

PayPal expects people to eat their passwords in the future to give greater security to their data.

This new generation of consumable passwords will be powered by the stomach acids and might also include mini computers. Current security methods like “Finger Printing” are slowly becoming obselete and these ingestable devices might be the future. The human skin can be embedded with silicon chips and would serve as a perfect way of human identification. In addition to all these ideas, Paypal is busy with their own researchs to develop a “Heart Beat” recognition accessory that can act as human wearable. An hackathon is being carried out to develop a “Vein” recognition technology too.

As the passwords are becoming more and more vulnerable and predictable, the new generation of security techiques are the need of the hour and PayPal deserves all the appreciation for working towards a better world.

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