Delhivery Logistics Startup Raises $85M in Series D round

Delhivery Logistics Startup Raises $85M in Series D round

E-commerce logistics startup Delhivery has raised $85 million in its Series D round led by Tiger Global Management. In September 2014 Delhivey raised $35 mn in Series C from Multiples Alternate Asset Management, Nexus Venture Partners and Times Internet Limited investment firms.

Gurgaon-based logistics company SSN Logistics Pvt Ltd, which runs the web platform started in 2011. The company was started by a bunch of engineers including Bhavesh Manglani, Kapil Bharati, Mohit Tandon, Sahil Barua and Suraj Saharan. It offers a full suite of services such as last-mile delivery, third-party and transit warehousing, reverse logistics, payment collection, vendor-to-warehouse and vendor-to-customer.

Delhivery Numbers:
Employees: 10,000
Operating:   200 cities
Fulfillment centers:11 {one million square feet of warehouse space}
Monthly transactions: 3 Million
Merchants: 70,000
E-commerce Companies Serving: 1,500 e-commerce companies
Offline retailers: 200

How will Delhivery use Series D funds? 
  • Use it for infrastructure to serve different kinds of e-commerce companies and verticals, including hyperlocal commerce, furniture, and e-commerce.
  • Extend its reach in rural areas of India
E-Commerce  Market Size India:
2013: $2.8 bn
2020: $100 bn

Sahil Barua  CEO , Co-Founder
Mohit tandon  CSO, Co-Founder
Suraj Saharan  COO, Co-Founder
Bhavesh Manglani COO, Co-Founder
Kapil Bharati CTO, Co-Founder

What is Series D funding?
The term Series D Round refers to the fourth stage in the Seed Stage Financing cycle of a new business’ growth. A company might consider Series D Round financing if it has not yet gone public in its initial public offering. The Series D Round might also be issued if the company wants funds to acquire another company and can also be used for a stock swap with a company being acquired.

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