Housing.com Revenue and Business Model

As far as Housing.com monetization model is concerned, the real estate information platform startup charges a subscription fee (bi-annual and annual) to brokers which allows them to upload unlimited listings on the website. Listings for landlords is free for now and the startup may start charging a nominal amount later.

1) Advertisements
2) Free and premium section for builders/brokers to list premium properties
3) Deals with resorts, timeshare package providers and list those properties with a transaction fee
4) Subscriber model - users pay a small fee to get rid of ads
5) Become a broker for freehold properties and charge a small brokerage (from seller obviously) if property gets sold via the site.
6) Tie up with furnishing studios, furniture retailers, interior designers, etc. and get them to offer the buyer a discount if their services are purchased through your website. Charge them a fee either lumpsum or per transaction. But you'll have to justify the fee by showing them traffic stats.

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