Civic Accelerator Funding for Startups

Civic Accelerator is the first national accelerator program and investment fund in the country focused on "civic ventures" -- for-profit and nonprofit startups that include people as part of the solution to critical social problems. The three month, boot camp-style program convenes 10-15 teams in person and online with the goal of equipping each startup to seek investments and scale their social innovation.

Social Entrepreneurship + Civic Engagement + Accelerator Models



You should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions before you apply:
  • Is your venture registered in the U.S.? Our current focus is on supporting U.S.-based start-ups, both for-profit and nonprofit, though your customer or user base can be anywhere in the world. We hope to expand our scope in future years to support global entrepreneurs. Learn more about our global work here.
  • Are you developing new pathways to increase access to economic opportunity for all?
  • Are you launching a “civic venture?” Does your startup achieve a social or environmental mission by engaging people as a core part of the solution? 
  • Are you in the startup phase? We do not select ventures at the idea stage. You should have a prototype or have completed a pilot program prior to applying.
  • Have you recruited a minimum of two to three people to join your team? We believe that most successful startups are not the product of a lone entrepreneur, but rather the collective work of small teams. We will consider teams of two or more people and are very reluctant to accept one-person startups.
  • If your venture is a nonprofit, have you developed a means to generate earned revenue? We are interested in nonprofits that plan to supplement traditional grant and sponsorship revenues with earned revenue models.
  • Is your venture a social enterprise? A social enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to achieving social or environmental goals and can be structured as a for-profit or nonprofit.
  • If accepted, will you be able to attend the entire Civic Accelerator program? To be eligible, at least one of your team members must be able to attend each of the three sessions.


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