ConstaPark - A startup that solves Parking problems in India

ConstaPark - A startup that solves Parking problems in India

Parking at unauthorized or vacant public spaces  leaves vehicles unprotected from potential damage or theft by miscreants or natural causes. Constapark aims to solve this problem through a mobile app. Constapark acts as a valet solution provider for high street retail outlets and also restaurants. They also offer on demand parking for the general public.

Business case:
The average time spent on finding a parking spot in Bangalore is around 20 to 30 minutes, and almost 50% of people give up and drive away. Also people are possessive about their cars in India and won’t hand it over unless we can guarantee the safety.

About Constapark:
Constapark is an on-demand valet parking service that aims to optimise the process of parking cars. Through the app, a user can request a valet to come to a designated spot (within their service location), take their vehicle, and park it in an enclosed space till the patron needs it again.

About Founders:
Constapark was co-founded by Chetan and Mehul Pangtey, who have five years of experience in business and technology, respectively. This venture came about as a result of their own difficulties in parking their vehicles. After doing extensive research in the sector in 2013, and understanding the patterns of vehicles in Bangalore, they launched their alpha version in 2014 to receive validation for their idea.

Why you should try Constapark?
They provide customers insurance upto Rs 50 lakhs, in general liability policies, for the time vehicles are in their care.

Constapark Business Model:
They work on both B2B and B2C models.

Constapark Revenue Model:
Users Parking Fees
Car owners pay for Value Added Services

Product Launch
Alpha - 2014
Beta - Jan 2015
Public - May 2015

USP of Constapark
Save Customers time by picking a drop-off location a trained Valet pick/drop staff will take care.
On demand Valet at the tap of an app.
Value added services like request to refuel car.
Car wash for an additional price.
Provide over-night parking space

Currently operating
Koramangla - Bangalore
Indiranagar - bangalore

Delhi/Mumbai - Future

Startups in Parking buisness
Luxe Valet
Valet Anywhere

Market Opportunity in this Space
The market size of parking space sector is huge, currently there is low supply and high demand for such services.

What other Parking needs Customers looking for in 2015 and forward?
GPS tracking
Picture upload of the car parked
Ability to hire valet at airport
Service of driving back empty car to home from airport

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