GetMyPeon Startup [errand service] raises $250K Seed funding

GetMyPeon a startup that is revolutionizing errand-running service has raised seed funding worth $250,000 [Rs 1.5 cr] from undisclosed sources.

Startup Type
Home services marketplace, Delivery startup, Technology Startup, Errand Service

How will  GetMyPeon burn these funds?
Funding will be invested towards front-end &  back-end infrastructure, acquiring field executives and vehicles, and expanding to new geographies.

What Problem did GetMyPeon solving?
Errands can be a hassle, especially if they require travelling or waiting in long queues.

GetMyPeon a Pune based startup provides a professional, affordable and reliable service for people to run their daily chores in life and save time and energy.

Business Model
GetMyPeon operates in India cities Mumbai, Thane, and Vashi and  has serviced over 10,000 customers , doing everything from delivering vada pav(snack) to a homesick traveller to picking up cakes for birthdays. It currently receives 150-200 orders a day via WhatsApp, calls, emails, and tweets on social platform Twitter. GetMyPeon charges Rs 250 to 1,500 for each errand and would do "everything that falls under a legal category

Bharat Ahirwar


GetMyPeon's model looks like a clone to San Francisco-based TaskRabbit

Other Players in this Space

GetMypeon team Pics

GetMyPeon Founder Bharat Ahirwar with his errand runners

GetMyPeon Founder Bharat Ahirwar with his errand runners

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