How eCommerce Companies are measured?

ecommerce kpi measured gmv valuation

The size and scale of the ecommerce companies are measured through  KPI's and these metrics help assess the valuation of an eRetailer before mergers and acquisitions or venture funding.

The top 5 key performance indicators to measure the growth of an e-commerce company are as follows:

1. Unique visitors
2. Gross merchandise value (GMV)
3. Loyalty and stickiness of customers
4. Products for sale
5. Time spent on site per visit

Other KPI's
  • Total visits to website
  • Total App downloads
  • Page views
  • New visitors
  • New customers
  • Total orders per day, week, month
  • Page views per visit
  • Checkout abandonment
  • Cart abandonment
  • Return rate
  • Customer service open cases
  • Pay-per-click cost per acquisition
  • Pay-per-click total conversions
  • Average order value
  • Facebook “talking about this” and new Likes
  • Twitter retweets and new followers
  • Amazon ratings, response and order turnaround time, and open cases
  • Email open, click, and conversion rates
  • Referral sources: percent from search, direct, email, pay-per-click, other

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