LabInApp Education Startup producing 3D interactive content for CBSE/ICSE students

Startup Type:
Education Startup, 3D Virtual Content, Learning Startup

What Problem did LabInApp identified?
More than three quarters of schools in India do not have fully equipped science laboratories for students
In India, 75% schools lack proper science laboratory facilities and most schools catering to low-income students also lack access to good quality science teachers. Students are thus unable to understand the basics of science that involves experimentation.
As part of the CBSE/ICSE curriculum, schools have experiments for physics, chemistry and biology, but most often these are done in large groups and the time spent on each experiment by each student is limited, leaving little ability to truly learn.

LabInApp addresses this gap, and enables each student to experiment directly with complex science concepts without the need for a physical setup.

About LabInApp
LabInApp is a 3D, interactive virtual laboratory tool that focuses on heuristic approach of understanding science. This heuristic ideology allows students and teachers to perform science experiments on computers or mobile devices, and eliminates the physical barriers of an actual laboratory. LabInApp’s real-time 3D computer graphics technology promotes “learn by doing” pedagogy. This enhances the ability of a teacher to deliver a live demonstration of experiments/concepts/phenomenon/complex ideas in a controlled environment. This improves students’ conceptual realization and arouses curiosity by its playful learning environment.

LabInApp has successfully enrolled 35 institutions to use their 3D services in their science laboratories.

Pavan Shinde
Girish Shirigannavar
Pramod Ramdurg
Vinayak Hulabutti

Founders Exposure before Startup
The co-founders of LabInApp have worked together on the IDH (Indian Digital Heritage) project where they generated 3D models of Hampi monuments using Microsoft Kinect sensor and rendering it by GPU.

Unitus Seed Fund invests in LabInApp in a education startup competition "StartEdu3"

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