Nudgespot - A Startup that makes Online business Communication channels easy is a bangalore based startup that helps businesses interact with customers via emails, SMS & push notifications like a hot-line between your business & customers. It was co-founded by former Myntra and Hoopos founders.

Nudgespot’s event based emails allow business to interact with their users in a much deeper way than traditional drip campaigns that amounts to happier customers and higher sales. It’s very fast and instant and your topics can be much more targeted and relevant.

Founders of NudgeSpot:
Alok Shankar, Anubhav Sudha, Raveen Sastry, Suresh Harikrishnan

V.A. Sastry
Mike Shah
Anoop Goyal
Kae Capital

Seed Round  - Raised $650K [May 2015]

Startup Type:
SaaS, Customer Support Tools, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation


Nudgespot Competitor:

Ola, Blustone, Zivame

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