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Startups in India, If you are seriously hunting for SEED FUNDS here are the guys whose only job is to lead seed rounds and who will still be making seed investments when things get tough:

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  • Blume Ventures (born 2011)  –  I like where their portfolio is going and they are just flush from their Zipdial exit.  Easy to reach, just tweet at @arpiit and he will tell you what’s what.
  • Unitus Seed Fund (born 2012)  –  Awesome guys. They have an impact agenda and are a great fit for startups in education, health, payments and generally “inclusive” business ideas. They have just launched an accelerator program too: Speed2Seed. Best way to reach them is be introduced by someone they know but you can also try Radha over Linkedin.
  • India Quotient  (born 2013)  –  Entrepreneurs themselves, fabulously easy to reach. Use twitter or just email Anand Lunia from their website. As someone who also shares her email id on linkedin and my website and gets her inbox down to zero every week, I really respect angel/seed investors who share their contacts. If you still can’t pitch something that gets my attention, you need to work on your pitch.
  • Orios Venture Partners (born 2014)  –  Started by successful angel investor Rehanyar Khan, their website features many of his past angel investments like Olacabs. However, Venu says they are actively looking for seed opportunities. They have already made 12 investments but only announced Yumist amongst their seed bets.
  • Kae Capital (born 2011)  – Sasha is awesome and an old hand at the investing game having started Mumbai Angels in 2006. Again, super reachable — everyone’s email ids are on their website.
  • Seedfund (born 2006)  – They were probably India’s first seed fund and have led some very successful investments with redBus and Carwale. Not the easiest team to reach though. Try Bharati Jacob They have slowed down (stopped?) in 2014 so I should check whether they are raising money again.
  • Jungle Ventures (born 2012)  –  Jayesh Parekh was an active angel investor way before he started running Jungle. Their team makes investments across Asia and has some cool operating experience. Not the easiest to reach for a seed fund and possibly moving to Series A.
Top Seed Fund Investors in India
Accel, SAIF, Kalaari, IDG, Accel, Helion, Sequoia, Matrix, Nexus, Inventus, Intel, and Qualcomm

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Source: Sandhya Hegde - General Partner at Khosla Impact Fund,


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