Startup Pitch By Packways Logistics - A Records Management Startup


STARTUP NAME*:Packways Logistics
APP / PRODUCT NAME:Records Management
What does the company do?*:We eliminate wastage of expensive man hours spent in managing your records, by properly indexing all documents and files. We help organise records & information to help companies manage the increasing volumes of their records while controlling and gaining strategic value from them.
What big problem does it solve?:An important fact about Records Management is that most companies have files stacked in rooms and finding a file or document would be waste of time, money & energy.
What is unique about the company?:Packways Logistics provides flexible solutions for every company depending upon size & volume of their records storage and management needs, at a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions. Our records center combines secure, environmentally-controlled storage and efficient records management with fast, courteous, professional service.
What is the actual addressable market?:Our market is huge right from a freelancer who operates from a small office to Multinationals who have hundreds of employees and tracking records for them becomes a huge task. We provide customized service plans for each of our customers to ensure that it fits right into their working system and compliments it.
Why do users care about your product or service?:The reason why customers should care is that it helps them:

1. Identify and prioritize vital information.
2. Boost your office efficiency and foster faster overall workflow.
3. Improve security of the records: A trusted partner trumps your storage space in terms of data protection. For example, a top-drawer offsite storage facility can offer intrusion detection and alarm systems, fire detection and suppression equipment, and in some cases, onsite security personnel.
4. Ensure disaster recovery and business continuity: Not all disasters or interruptions are on the scale of a Hurricane Katrina or the devastating earthquake in Japan earlier this year. That said, disasters of a far smaller magnitude could grind your operations to a sudden halt. The quicker you can get your hands on your records, the quicker your business can resume operating.
5. Comply with Regulations: It is mandatory to store records in accordance to the Income tax act, companies act & other statutory requirements to avoid fines & penalties. Outsourcing can help you meet these regulations—and provide proof of compliance. Hence records won’t be stored beyond the required time frame.
6. Make better use of your talent: How many employee hours are spent away from your core business, maintaining and managing records? And how much has it cost you? It makes much better sense for those employees to work on more critical missions than finding a seven-year-old client agreement.
7. Reduce costs: How much space are you renting simply to give your records a home? Put some desks, a meeting space or rent it to someone else and shrink your office footprint to suit your operational needs. And as far as outsourcing is concerned you will pay for the space you’re renting to store those files offsite.
8. Gain control: Properly labeled, indexed and stored records afford better end-toend information management. Search, retrieve and locate records more quickly than if they were stored in rickety filing cabinets in a backroom or in unmarked boxes at the local mini-storage facility.
9. Digitize: Everyone works on a computer and by scanning your important records and records which require regular referral you end up saving valuable time and energy and can access them with few clicks.

What are the key differentiated features of your product or service?:We work on a simple concept called SMART:

S ecure
M anageable
A ccurate
R eliable
T rackable

We are looking at increasing transparency and reducing dependency on individuals in office for record keeping and handling. Our vision is to create an office environment where file / record retrieval is quick and also seamless solutions. This is why we strive hard to to focus on our service to ensure our clients can work without any hassle.
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Founders Name*:Nikhil Ohri
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