True Scholar 'app' for Student ID Verification declared winner in Online Aaadhar Hackathon 2015 competition

True Scholar App [Winner]
'Online Aadhar Hackathon' App competition conducted by Angel Prime held on June 6th and 7th declared True Scholar app as the winner. True scholar app is a Student verification ID developed by Bangalore’s Anantha Padmanabha, which uses Aadhaar APIs to verify student identity. It provides a central database for all exam results, online exam registrations and also claims to prevent impersonation during exams.

Aadharical  App [Runner-up]
The first runner up is an app called Aadhaarical, developed by Pankaj Chhabra, Supriya Saini, Ishrat Khan and Sachin Arora from Delhi, which enables document-less verification in real time via Aadhaar cards. The app also claims use cases for reporting vehicle theft, tracking missing vehicles, challan issuance, online e-document access to resident and traffic police and car towing notifications when a car is parked in a no parking zone.

Other App Winners
Samaadhar App - Local partnerships for social marketplace:
Aadhaaric License App -Driving license through Aadhaar verification:

App requirements for competition
All the applicants were required to use Aadhaar APIs.

Aadhar Hackathon Contest Judges
The contestants were  judged on the basis of code quality and ‘sophistication’ of the app by:
Dr Parmod Varma (Chief Architect of UIDAI)
Arvind Gupta (BJP convenor and national head of IT)
Ravi Gururaj (Chairman of Nasscom Product Council)
Sanjay Swamy (Managing Partner at AngelPrime)

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