Uber acquires Microsoft Bing Maps technology

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In an effort to build it's own mapping technology Uber has acquired part of the technology behind Bing Maps, along with several Microsoft employees. The deal size was not disclosed but Microsoft sells a bucket of intellectual property to Uber as part of the deal and  the deal appears to be focused on Bing Maps' imagery acquisition division, which powers some of the satellite and Street View-style pictures within Bing Maps.

Why Uber bought Bing Maps?
  1. Building out its own maps will be increasingly important for Uber as currently its Taxi app relies on maps from Google, Apple and Baidu.
  2. Pick up engineers who built Bing Maps as currently they are the hottest Silicon Valley commodity.
About Bing Maps:
Bing Maps were formerly called MSN Virtual earth, Windows Live maps, Windows Live Local. Microsoft brought image data into Bing mainly search engine’s 3D, aerial and street footage. The other features of Bing maps include:

Street maps
Ariel View
Road View
Bird's eye view
Street side
Venue maps
3D maps
Driving Walking & Transit directions


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