Vidooly India’s first video analytics Startup bags NASSCOM Emerge 10 company in 2015

NASSCOM recognizes India's top 10 technology startups  annually and awards them on the basis of their technical prowess and growth potential. This year Vidooly (India's first video analytics company) secured a place in EMERGE 10 2015 list.

What does Vidooly offer?
Vidoolyis a YouTube intelligent marketing and analytics suite that helps content creators, brands and multi channel networks (MCNs), to maximize their YouTube organic views, build an audience base and earn more revenues on YouTube.

What Problem does Vidooly is solving?
Currently, content creators are putting a lot of effort to create good quality content, but the problem is that they find it difficult in targeting the right kind of audience to watch the content.

Vidooly Solution
Helps maximize YouTube views, build better audience base, and grow faster.

Facts/Gaps - Youtube Video Content
300 hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube every minute.
90 per cent generate less than 10,000 views in the first one-month



Subrat Kar
Ajay Mishra
Nishant Radia

Incubated by
TLabs (Startup Accelerator from Times Internet)

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