What is the controversy on Rahul Yadav, Startup Founder and CEO of Housing.com?

Rahul Yadav has caught media's attention before as he dedicated a bounty to his employees - his entire 4.57% stake [Rs.150 cr ] in the realty listings startup. It was a masterstroke, transforming weeks of employee anxiety into allegiance while also gaining a whip hand against Housing investors. Now he hits headlines when his dramatic resignation broke on Social media.

Startuptimes.in reached out to a Housing.com representative to comment on the report and we will update this story when we receive a statement.

Has Rahul Yadav quit as CEO of Housing.com?
ET Tech reports that Yadav has quit from his post, his second resignation in as many months, adding this time his resignation will be accepted by the board. The report offers no details on why Yadav has decided to quit his post again. It does mention that Yadav will be asked by the board to stay on at the company and oversee product development. The report was later updated to say that Yadav deny having quit Housing.com when contacted by ET.

Experts Say
Quitting Was a Well Calculated Tactical Move

Recently in a statement given to media he said : 
"I am just 26 why should I run behind money when I have all the opportunities waiting for me :Rahul Yadav "

Few points which shows what is going on with housing.com
  • Rahul wants that it should first focus on customer base rather as a business model but somewhere investors are not convinced with that.
  • As a CEO and Founder he only owns a small part of housing which is currently values in market 1500 crores.
  • Rahul revokes his resignation after the meeting with board of members which includes him also.
  • Now after the announcement encashing all his shares and distributing them to all 2251 employees which constitute one year salary for them he becomes BATMAN of housing.com
  • Above all he is a good man with strong focus on development of society not on business model as of now in future who Knows ?

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