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Call9  a US based Y-Combinator accelerated telemedicine startup has developed a 911 alternative for nursing homes, schools, and hotels to use in case of a medical emergency. The nurse, teacher, or concierge can open the Call9 app to immediately connect, via video chat, to an on-call ER doctor. The doctor assesses what’s going on with the patient, instructs the person on the ground how to perform basic medical procedures and administer medicine, and hits a button to order an ambulance if necessary.

The Call9 app will be an alternative for on-demand urgent care services. Callnine provides your business with instant access to world-class physicians for your immediate medical needs.

What gap did Call9 team found in existing system?
They figured out that the emergency medical system was broken and trying to fix this problem.

Startup Type
Telemedicine, Healthcare, urgent care, ondemand doctor, remote doctor

Medical Data Cloud
The data collected from patients lab diagnostics is uploaded into the cloud, which means that the remote doctor can see the results of an ultrasound on his screen in real-time and advise the nurse on where to place her hands

No waiting
Call9 connects you to a world-class physician and medical response team instantly through our app.

Only Pay for what you need
Call9's emergency trained physicians personalize treatment to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, excessive costs from the ER, and lost revenue.

Highest quality care 
Call9 focuses on the patient experience, personalizing care and keeping key stakeholders informed.

Founders of
Celina Tenev  [Stanford Radiology Post-doctoral fellow]
XiaoSong Mu [Stanford Computer Science Engineer]
Timothy Pek   [Harvard Attending Physician]

Call9 Business Model
ER doctors work in 12-hour shifts, and if they ever want to get extra work, it’s 12 hours of time, there’s no seeing one patient,. With Call9 they can take ten calls at a time, or work for an hour, and it’s a whole different model for them to make extra revenue.

Call9 Revenue Model
Call9 is charging a basic subscription fee for the nursing homes, schools and hotels, depending on the medical supplies required and level of employee training. It charges per patient as well to cover the cost of diagnostic tests and the ambulance, if called.

Comments on Call9 Logo
Logo is simple, creative and conveys the message straight , 911 is popular in US for emergency service and call9 is named based on that,   it's a reverse of 911 the two ll's in the call were cleverly used as 11 followed by 9 which makes 911 and a + symbol inside nine conveys they are into health business.

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