Chikitsya Biz Pitch Challenge Oct 2015 - Startup Pitch Contest

Dr. Lall is connected with Corporate World and in his successful Clinical Entrepreneurship designed an event based Competition & Festival which challenges the Entrepreneurship Spirit in today's Youth and business students.

The Format of the Competition is given Below : -
The Registered Competition intern(s) will work on following during the Competition internship: -

1. Pitch Chikitsya Franchise Biz to any Investor so to make them buy "Chikitsya Franchise Biz".

2. Close the Sale & Transact the INR 25 Lakhs Funds Transfer against the Franchise Sold.

3. You get your Internship FEEs of Rs. 1 Lakh / Sale

4. If You do 5 Sales within a period of 3 months :- You are hired full time at a Salary of 20 Lakhs / Annum as National Franchise Manager.

5. Maximum Sales within the period of 3 Months wins the Challenge and an opportunity to runs his own Franchise Business totally sponsored.

6. Details are provided at


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