Corporate A startup that offer ready-to-stitch clothing

With today’s ever changing business landscape and the cut throat competition, looking sharp has become a part of every job profile. Now, you are judged not only on your quality of work but also on your appearance. With so much at stake, it is hardly fair that you spend long hours shopping expensive formal clothes and still feel that you have settled for the best available option.

Startup Type
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What Problem is solving?
Custom-Tailoring requires you to visit the tailor to select the fabric, give measurements, configure your style and then take fittings till your garment is tailored to perfection. But in today’s world we do not have time for it all. So what do we do? Settle for an off-the-rack pre-tailored garment or visit the nearest but not the best tailor?

What if CC tell you that the best tailor is coming to your alley? Yes. Corporate Collars on Wheels is your tailor on wheels bringing all our proprietary panache in your locality where you can book your consultation appointment as well. Corporate Collars on Wheels is a Van customized by the famous Dilip Chhabaria which houses all the facilities.

CORPORATE COLLARS is the answer to your predicament with the promise of the Perfect Fit, Precise Tailoring, and Prompt Service. With over 1400 fabrics to choose from, Corporate Collars offers you the chance to customize your suits, shirts and trousers as per your needs and comfort. So come on in at Corporate Collars and get measured up for your own custom designed and hand tailored suit, shirt and trouser. Using machinery from Italy and special threads from Germany, Corporate Collars has mastered the art of the fit and detail that is required in any piece of formal clothing. From hand stitched lapels to the finest fabrics, you can get it all under one roof. So go on in and get measured up at Corporate Collars for your custom designed and hand tailored piece of clothing because you do not need to settle for second best.


Harssh Chheda  CEO

Market Size of  Ready to Stitch space
Rs 39, 820 cr.

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