Five Reasons why your book needs a great cover:

Even if you can spin a story as suspenseful as the best of the literary greats, your book must have an attractive exterior. If not, readers are likely to pass it by without giving a second glance. In few seconds the book cover page have to catch eye balls of a potential reader.

Five Reasons why your book needs a great cover:

1. Garner a second glance. Your book will only have seconds to attract a browsing reader’s attention. An engaging cover ensures readers take a second look at your product.

2. Dress the part. Consumers first gauge books based on their visual appeal, so a well-designed cover appears to have more value for a consumer. If you plan to sell your book at a price competing with bestselling authors, your cover must be able to compete.

3. First impressions count. Your book’s cover design is usually a potential reader’s first interaction with your content and writing style. A well-crafted cover will expose readers to your story and pique their interest in your book.

4. Opinions are formed in a snapshot. In just a few minutes, readers will shape an opinion of your story and writing based on the content of your cover. Make sure your book puts its best foot forward with a well-designed cover.

5. People take your book more seriously if it's professional. If you plan to have your book professionally reviewed, you must have a polished cover that will compare to other reviewed materials.


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