Get Angry about DEATH says Startup Guru Peter Thiel

peter thiel death angry startup biotech

Is death an inevitability or a solvable problem?

"The way we deal with mortality is through some strange combination of acceptance and mortality," Peter Thiel[ex paypal co-founder] told during a long interview at Founders Fund's offices in San Francisco.

Thiel is optimistic that in near future one biotech Startup would come out with a new technology that extends the human life.  He's currently investing a lot in biotech startups focussed on health and human biology. He wants his VC funded startups to use the the chips, software programs, algorithms and big data that created information revolution to understand and upgrade what they consider to be the most complicated piece of machinery in existence the human body.

Quote by Peter Thiel
“It’s those who have an optimism about what can be done that will shape the future.”

Experts views on Life & Death
“Extending the average human life span is a great example of something that is individually desirably by almost everyone but collectively not a good thing. For evolutionary reasons, there is a good reason why we die when we do.”


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