Google self-driving cars will be soon A REALITY [DRIVERS BECOMES PASSENGERS]

Google autonomous driving self car

Google, which is planning to introduce self-driving cars to the public by 2020 announced that Austin, Texas, is the latest location for testing its self-driving cars, with one of its Lexus RX450h SUVs already roaming around near the downtown area and another arriving later this week.

Google has been testing the SUVs in Mountain View since 2012. This is the first time the company will be performing extensive testing outside California, aside from a few small demos in other cities. The cars will have to be tested in a variety of different environments to further develop self-driving technology, and it makes sense that Google is setting its sights beyond the Bay Area.

Other Automakers in Autonomous driving space
Automakers are in a race to develop self-driving tech that will turn drivers into passengers. Audi, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Tesla all are developing autonomous driving features.

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