How Doctors can treat more patients a day?

Practo, Asia’s leading healthcare platform today announced the launch of Practo Ray with specialty specific modules for Physicians, Paediatricians and Dentists. These modules are aimed at significantly improving the the quality of care doctors can provide to millions of consumers and have been designed with close collaboration with the doctors. Over the next few months, Practo Ray will cover more specialties including Ophthalmology, Gynaecology. The new specialities will be available in India, Singapore and Philippines. Additionally, the services will be available across more geographical segments including over 100 Indian cities and countries across South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Practo Ray for Physicians 
Practo Ray for Physicians will improve the doctors’ ability to treat more patients in a day. This unique service will enable the doctor to digitally prescribe lab tests, generate digital lab reports and check the real-time status of patients’ test. It also includes nearly 100,000 commonly prescribed medicines & brands, thereby allowing the doctor to find and prescribe the right medicine in seconds.

Practo Ray for Physicians will further help doctors take chronic care to the next level. The service also enables the Doctor to prescribe lifestyle advice by using pre-set templates for all common chronic diseases. This advice can be easily emailed directly to patients as a digital prescription into their secure Practo health account. Additionally, the Regular reminder notification feature ensures that the patient does not miss their medicine dosage and also follow up on the treatment advice on time, vastly improving disease management and recovery.

“Practo Ray’s Electronic Medical Records provide immense value to the field of medicine. I don’t store a single piece of paper for my patients at my clinic. It’s all saved online, and I can access it from anywhere from any device. Apart from the convenience & cost saving, I think having digital records keeps me better informed of the patient's history & symptoms and helps me make faster & better diagnosis and treatment plans.” - Dr. Joyeeta Basu, General Physician, Doctors Hub, Delhi NCR


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