IBM SmartCamp Bengaluru Regional Finalists Nov 2015

Meltag helps brand owners to unleash the power of direct customer connect to exponentially increase their marketing RoI. Meltag is a cloud-hosted platform that has everything a B2C business needs need to promote, engage, market and acquire loyal customers.
Goose Technologies is a leading labelling and artwork management (LAM) solution provider. Having studied in detail the evolving needs of the pharma industry, it has developed Harmony, a world-class integrated technology platform that helps pharma companies remain compliant with the US FDA’s guidelines with respect to labelling, proofing and artwork.
Medibox Technologies has a software platform that will allow patients to search for healthcare facilities such as pharmacies, hospitals and blood banks across India.
Tagalys enables online retailers to maximize revenue with intelligent and customizable site search, product recommendations, product sorting and personalization.
Appiyo Technologies offers a private social and computing platform for the collective intellect of the crowd to create contemporary business-class process apps.
Whatfix helps users create interactive guides with just few clicks and integrate them with applications and websites. WhatFix guides can be integrated as videos, slideshows, articles, widgets, buttons, links, etc. and provide help directly inline within the application, encouraging self-service.
Trans Neuron Technologies is a learn-to-launch (L2L) company that delivers campus-to-corporate specialization programmes to various universities across the country.
Flutura is a big data analytics solutions company that monetizes machine data to transform operational outcomes.
Pickcel is an online advertising marketplace for public digital screens that connect advertisers to publishers hosting public digital screens.
Preksh Innovations Pvt Ltd enables consumers to virtually walk-through real-life stores and shop for their favourite products online.
Parablu helps enterprises migrate and manage their data in the cloud securely.
LightMetrics’ innovative and state-of-the art technology leverages computer vision, signal processing, and machine learning to generate data and insights on motion.
Snapshopr is a visual intelligence platform for retailers and brands, which offers a suite of products like visual search, visual recommendation, and visual auto-tagging.


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