Mobile video and Mobile video advertising is the fastest growing and the most exciting space to be

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More content will be consumed in the coming years, trends in India suggest that there is a lot of money moving from traditional media to digital and the mobile video as brands are looking at encapsulating consumer interest in the market. In last 3 years India has seen significant improvement in digital consumption and if the cost and quality of bandwidth improves India is going to be the largest consumer of digital content next to US &UK.

Remember: The future of content today is clustered around smaller conversations and smaller moments

Viewing habits of Indian Consumer
People are sitting for longer hours and watching shows in continuation on mobile.  Entertainment on digital gives consumer the choice to select. Viewers becoming  seekers as they are using their computer, smartphone or tablet while watching TV. The consumer has the flexibility to fill his time with the best available content.

Evolution of  Content

Paper --> Radio --> TV --> Cable --> Satellite ---> Streaming

Transformation in Viewing
Viewers have transformed from "How we watch " to What we watch"  that's the reason Youtube have  captured more eyeballs than national showtimes.

Device Data
950 million Indians use Mobile Phones [Feb 2015]
651 million smartphones by 2019
18.7 million tablets by 2019


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