Online marketplace for Shared Accomodation raises $12mn

Bangalore-based Startup that runs an online managed home rental marketplace for singles by the same name, has raised $12 million (Rs.76cr) in funding from Flipkart and its existing investor Tiger Global.

Nestaway Founders
Amarendra Sahu  [NIT Suratkal alumni ]
Jitendra Jagadev   [NIT Suratkal alumni ]
Smruti Parida       [NIT Suratkal alumni ]
Deepak Dhar.       [NIT Suratkal alumni ]

Nestaway aims to turn 'for-rent' apartments into fully-furnished and managed houses that can be provided to pre-verified tenants.

Nestaway Business Model gets involved with property owner in tenant sourcing, rent collection, maintenance of the house and even manages tenant move-outs. It also offers free minor repairs and does not charge separate brokerage from the property owner.

Locations Offering services

Targeted Customers
Working Professionals

Funding Details
First Round - Rs. 8cr        [March 2015]
Second Round - Rs.76 cr  [July 2015]

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