Newshunt buys BUYT ecommerce contentlink startup

Indian local language news mobile app platform acquires delhi based BUYT a product discovery and recommendation platform to enter into e-retailing market. The size of the deal remains undisclosed but the founders clarified that it’s not an acqui-hire and BuyT will run as a stand alone unit. NewsHunt earlier this year acqui-hired mobile analytics startup Vauntz and is looking to partner, invest or acquire other companies developing local-language applications.

Startup Type
Product discovery, e-retailing, news reader app, product metasearch engine, technology

BuyT was founded in 2012 by IIT graduates Yogesh Tomar and Biswanath Patel. BuyT's new product discovery and recommendation platform, ContentLink is revolutionalizing today's platform-focused, hyper-connected and mobile-first world by changing the way information flows from a service provider or merchant to the consumer. It's a mission to help people make the most informed decisions while availing digital services and transactions. On one hand BUYT collate and curate data from service providers (for example, e-commerce stores, travel portals and other online and offline merchants). On the other, buyt crawl and analyze digital content (articles, photos, videos and more) to understand and interpret context and user behavior. ContentLink merges these to recommend the best deals, products and services right where the content is and when an user is looking for related info.

BUYT Business Numbers
3 million recommendations per day
5 million Monthly number of clicks through the platform
73 Horizontal and vertical e-commerce players plugged into ContentLink platform
100+ million recommendations per month powered by ContentLink across devices and content publishers
Rs. 300+ crore annualized GMV being driven to leading e commerce merchants

Newshunt Business Numbers
95 million app installs
20 million monthly active users
2.5 billion page consumed monthly
15 million local language eBooks downloaded in the past 6 months
Access to 700M subscribers across 5 major telcos in India
Used by 700 digital goods merchants.

Founder of Newshunt
Virendra Gupta

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