Opportunity for Indian Startups to win $500K prize from Qualcomm ventures

QPrize is Qualcomm Ventures’ seed investment competition. It’s designed to provide entrepreneurs their first level of funding so they can launch their idea into a successful start-up business. Qualcomm are looking for bright, energetic and resourceful entrepreneurs who have a passion for bringing new technologies and services to market. Their goal is to have QPrize act as a catalyst for our winners, providing the initial capital to launch their great ideas and support the company to its first institutional funding round. They are now accepting applications for QPrize 2015.

Qualcomm Ventures has announced the fifth edition of its coveted QPrize™ International Seed Investment competition. Qualcomm Ventures has been investing in promising startups since its inception in 2000. They have scripted several success stories like Fitbit, PayPal, Waze, and Capillary among others.

QPrize is open to all persons who are 18 years or older and who are citizens or legal residents in any country in any of the eight regions where the competitions are being held. Contestants may only submit one business plan and must select the region in which they will set-up and operate their business. Winners will be required to incorporate their companies prior to distribution of funds. Entrepreneurs and start-ups that have raised less than $2 million may apply to this competition.

No, there are no entry fees to participate in this competition.

Visit their website to participate


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