Microsoft's White-Fi Connectivity Project - Exclusive for India

White-fi is a technology from Microsoft to provide Internet to villages. White-Space technology, works like Wi-Fi on a bigger scale to provide wireless connectivity across a 10 km radius at a speed of up to 16 mbps, by using chunks of airwaves lying between spectrum kept untouched by broadcasters to avoid interference or disturbance between transmissions.

Microsoft started its broadband extended services in risk areas in India and Kenya to mane both the countries digitally empowered through the use of effective technology in low cost. The White-Fi Connectivity project is expected to give a tough competition to Facebook's that took was planned to develop among India, menus and other African countries.

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella demonstrates the software giant's current innovation, the 'White-Fi' Connectivity. The White-Fi connects users to the internet across continents. In his demonstration, the CEO connected a school in Andhra Pradesh with a review village in Kenya, through the White-Fi Connectivity system.

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