Can Non-Technical People Start Tech Companies?

Can Non-Technical People Start Tech Companies?

You may have heard of few stories about Non-technical co-founders building great tech startups and software companies. But in reality Non Technical Co-Founders have to rely on someone else to bring an idea from paper to screen and spend tens of thousands on their hard-earned cash on nothing more than an initial prototype. Running a business is a repeatable skill if you’ve done one well, you should be able to do another well. But a tech startup isn’t a business, yet; it’s an idea which may or may not work, and all the traditional business skills you’ve got don’t count.

"Stick to what you're good at, and not waste time learning to code" this is a myth if you are dreaming to build the next billion dollar tech startup. 

Here are few points to note until when you don't require a non-tech co-founder for your startup :

Market validation
Before you put your hands into coding or searching a technical co-founder you have to do market validation upfront to understand your clients and customer perspectives and see whether people need it and that doesn't require coding experience. There are few prototyping tools online that you can try to validate your product.

Find a Technical Co-Founder
It's not mandatory to find a co-founder in the prototyping stage of your startup until you go alpha or have a customer, but to iterating it to get to product/market fit you need to have a technical co-founder.

Learn to write Good Requirements Docs
As a not technical co-founder you should  be able to write some good requirements docs to communicate with developers.

It is impossible to raise funding for a tech startup if you don’t have a technical co-founder and a core team.

Quote: "Execution is everything, not the idea itself."


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