MyShikshaSathi Education Startup Pitch 2016

STARTUP NAME*:MyShikshaSathi
What does the company do?* is a Distance Education Portal that has been created to fulfill a vision of empowering students with knowledge and information so that they make an informed decision while choosing the best university for Distance Education.
What big problem does it solve?:When I was working at as a Sales Executive and bidding my time for a promotion to get through at the managerial level, everywhere I inquired for the same they advised me to get a Master’s Degree in Management. So I went looking, as any individual would to the Greatest Database on Earth – Google. Searching for universities which were providing distance education in India. The result was pretty disappointing, to say the least. Eventually my friend suggested Karnataka State Open University for MBA and based on word-of-mouth, I followed his advice and searched for the contact details of KSOU. Inspite of all the information present on the internet, I could only come up with information and contact details of a random consultant and applied through them. After One and Half Years of giving exams through the same consultant, I realized that the consultant was a fake and had been conducting exams on a false premise on looting students all that while. At that point of time I realized that there is a huge gap in the Distance Education Sector of our country and there is no website in the Online Education Sector which provides highly verified information for students and a highly efficient support system to help enable them to give them that seamless Admission procedure.
What is unique about the company?:1- Verified and updated information about Distance Education Universities across India
2- Comparison Feature to compare universities based on 10 crucial factors that a student needs to know before applying to any university
3- Step by Step guide on how to apply in any particular university (so that the students won't be phished by fake consultants)
4- Online Chat feature with our counsellor (as students sometimes feel hesitated while talking on phone)
5- and much more similar features.
What is the actual addressable market?:Students / Working professionals in India looking to opt or distance education
Why do users care about your product or service?:as there is no such portal available in India that provides 100% verified information on Distance Education as there is currently market of $20 billion which is to be expected to be $40 billion by 2020.
What early traction has the company gotten?:currently we have a traction of 10000+ visits a month
What are the key differentiated features of your product or service?:1- only 100% verified data/ information
2- Featuring only universities which are approved by UGC-DEB.
Company Web
Founders Name*:Sidharth Gera


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