PoolCircle Startup Business Model 2016

PoolCircle Startup Business Model 2016

PoolCircle is a ride share network that lets you carpool with others you can trust. PoolCircle is available on iOS and Android and as a web application. PoolCircle is free to use.

Startup Mantra: Safe carpooling platform.
Startup Goal: PoolCircle envisions taking a million cars off the roads every month

Business Model (C2C)
PoolCircle started a mobile-based carpool service in Bangalore where the app acts as a platform for car owners and ride-seekers to find each other and share a car ride.

This Business model is similar to ride share aggregators Bla Bla cars, CarPooling in India

PoolCirlce also caters to corporates where users can signup using their corporate email addresses, and search for car-share options within their respective companies. For example, IBM employees can search/offer car rides only for IBM employees.

Ride Share for Linkedin Contacts
PoolCircle also has an app tha allows users to search/offer car rides only for their LinkedIn connects (to the level of first/second degree connections.

Revenue Model -Pool Circle
Transaction fee
Revenues from advertising
Revenue from partners who offer their services on their platform.

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