Startup Business through Referrals and Network – Innovative Approach

As Reid Hoffman quoted “If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late” and this applies equally to Startups as well.

One of the primary challenges a startup faces in the initial phases of its rolling out is to generate as many leads as possible for fuelling their business dreams. Sooner or later all the database of leads gathered through family, friends , colleagues and relatives gets exhausted and unfortunately cannot be recycled for reuse at least for the next product or service launch.

"Indian startups and ecosystems are backed and actively funded by VC and Angel Investors from India and abroad - Over $3.84 billion was invested in the third quarter of 2015 which is a sign to not stop dreaming big for the budding entrepreneurs."

Adding to the other most significant challenge of sourcing funds for operations and sustaining the business activities especially the sales team, the problem of generating leads compel the Founders & CEOs to scratch their heads in despair while not able to understand how to generate their next level leads and sustainable business.
It was indeed a great idea kicked off by a group dedicated to bring together all such startups under one community called Startup Business Networking Club (SBNC) at central Hyderabad on Sunday the 11th Oct, being organized by Aryan who is the founder of the meet up and also CEO of Thrust-I Events.  India’s first startup news portal and a leader in startup news & information, owing to its online popularity and focus on covering the startup news was cordially invited to cover the event.  represented by its co-founder was also invited to speak on the various circumstances, challenges, pitfalls, opportunities lying ahead for startups and the ecosystem at Hyderabad being the next big hub for Startups. 

SBNC members meet regularly every month to showcase their startup business products/services and share their vision, ideas, challenges and tips. Above all the main goal of this meet up is to help fellow startups by exchanging lead information and passing on referral based leads to the respective startups.
The meet up gathering was kicked off  by Rajesh, President of SBNC and while the list of  referral leads generated by the network associates was shared by the club growth ambassador Manoj.

The key speakers at the meet up event are Sreedhar, Head Operations of Vaishnavi Constructions & Engineering Equipment, E Jagan Mohan, Managing Partner of Golden Star Associates, Gampa Srikanth of Synergy Financial Services, Phani Kumar Chowdhary, a research scholar at JNTUH working on Automobile Exhaust Emission Control solutions, Subhani of Network & Data Center Solutions, Murali Krishna and Vamshi, Make-a-Difference fund raiser.

The meet up was concluded with a prospective and motivational note by the founders on the initial success of overcoming the above lead generation challenges through networking and referrals, building the network stronger and chalked out future plans.

SBNC Hyderabad Team Event Pic

Event Timestamp
10/11/2015 EThames Degree College, Panjagutta, Hyderabad


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