Who should work for a startup?

Joining an MNC or a startup depends on your goals in life, your personality and your backing. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh yours before you choose one of the two. A wrong decision can be disastrous to your career ....and your peace of mind. Here's a check-list of ten traits that anyone opting for startups should tick-mark.

1. Seeking JD bigger than CTC
Is your fascination for job description bigger than your CTC expectations? A startup can offer you a big role, a vivid one that MNCs won't offer you with your kind of experience. You would develop expertise too on the go. The trade-off is that not every startup is well funded to offer you a CTC as great as offered by MNCs. They have to keep funds for the runway too and you being part of the startup have to accept that. That doesn't mean your in-hand will be too low to survive. But start with startup is a trade-off and you need to be ready for it. If you make yourself too expensive, the strartup won't be able to afford you.

These pointers can even be handy for startup owners while hiring. Happy hiring!!!

2. Stepping-in everywhere 
Are you bored with same well-defined monotonous job? Are you looking for verity of challenging roles? Do you want to try your hands on your colleague's responsibilities too? Then you have plenty of such opportunities with startups. Yes, startups often are under-manpowered and this is not just attributed to fund crunch. The myths about startups do a pretty good job in refraining talented people from accepting offers. So, you would have plenty of opportunities to step-in for someone on leave or someone who leaves.

Do You like to work in a Startup or MNC?

3. Being Change Champion Do you find it easy to leave a task unfinieshed and move to another newer one? Are you excited to learn a whole new concept or technology stack? A startup is a dynamic environment. You need to adapt to change as soon as it happens.

Priorities change quickly. You too should be ready to change that quick. Many a times sustainability is more important than bringing an idea to life. One has to think on toes and change according to the market needs. Getting possessed with an idea or technology is not an option, specially in a startup. .

4. Challenging excellence with limited resources
Every company emphasises on innovation, which is a good thing. The question is -  are you able to innovate in limited resources? Startups really have crunch of resources. On top of it, they are in true need of innovation...and that too innovation which challenges pre-set standards of excellences. Then only they can become an MNC in future. This is the opportunity where you can think & implement out-of-box ideas. Your ideas should be great but the implementation shouldn't cost a fortune.

5. Can handle empowerment
Can you handle empowerment? Most of the employees want to be empowered but can't really handle it when they be empowered. At a startup, you enjoy the state of empowerment. You get freedom to do whatever you think is the best for the company. There is less over-the-shoulder monitoring. You don't get pre-set rulebook. Neither do you have pre-defined daily routine nor is there demand of daily reports on those ppt templets. There is sometimes no answers to your emails and you are expected to take the best decisions in that scenario. You have more responsibilities than you think. You are responsible and accountable for your work as well as company's success...and failure too.

6. Being persistently patient
It takes time to build a company. Three to five years go just in getting break-even. Are you persistent enough? and patient enough? Although, being persistent looks opposite of being a change champion, but it's not. You have to move with the changing external environment, you might have to give up on some not-fruitful awesome ideas but you have to persist on building a company and taking forward its core values. In this persistence, you need a lot of patience. On top of it, you need to be persistent in being patient till your startup becomes big.

7. Lacking ego
Working at startup needs compromising ego at several levels. Are you ready to not compare you salary sheet with your batch mates? Are you happy telling anyone & everyone that you work for a small company, a startup - a company who's name they have not heard at all? Can you also let go an office clash? Do you have guts to not feel ego-hurt if your ideas are rejected? Can you handle it when you are told to execute some task lower than your capabilities. Well it is simple. You need to lack ego to be at peace with your present state, your company's present state and your present task. As important it is for your own health, as it is for the startup's health. If you can handle this then only join a startup.

8. Taking pride in every small achievements
Once you are sure that your ego is no more getting hurt, you need to take pride. Are you proud of your achievements, no matter how small? Do you feel happy telling others that you work for a promising startup? Are you proud of the fact that you are a part of building a big company from scratch? You need to let go what others think about your company and professional achievements and feel happy about what you have achieved even when you don't have a big MNC brand-name attached to your LinkedIn profile. It is essential for your work performance and INNER PEACE.

9. Having strong backbone
Yes, backbone. Just like lack of ego and presence of pride, you need a strong backbone. Are you and your support system immune enough? Everyone in society will not appreciate your efforts. You need to be strong enough. You need to not get ego-hurt and keep taking pride. It is difficult handling those who have taken oath to irritate you. For your own sake, your opinions and your work should not get influenced. I am saying it again...you need to be real strong. And so should be your support system...your family. If your family stands by you, you can win the world. They need to understand you and your goals. They shouldn't compare you with other's children/spouse but be strong for you and give you strength.

10. Planning to start a company someday
It's not necessary that everyone joining startup should have a vision of building another company. Some join just to feel proud of the fact that they played a big role in a small company or are a part of building something big for the future or just because their JD is exciting enough. But if you want to start your own startup, it's a great learning platform to work for one. A part from that, you will be able to make your own list of do's, don'ts and maybes

About the AuthorAnjali@AnjaliTwist
Anjali is a guest writer for startuptimes.in . She is a startup enthusiast who loves the idea of being one of the key players in the success of aspiring startups and can be found sharing knowledge and tips accumulated from startups around her. She is the Digital Marketing Executive at Rezoomex (www.rezoomex.com) - a startup project in IT recruitment that aims to change the way job search and candidate search is done in IT industry. Anjali believes that business and people should be ethical and with purpose. Join her chain of change by education - Educate Your Maid (https://www.facebook.com/educateyourmaid)

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