Why a Girly Site attracted Men?

Tiffany Dasilva pics growth hacking

5 Ideas to growth hacking

Tiffany DaSilva a growth hacking expert and an active speaker shares her startup journey with emphasis on how to hack growth.

What is Growth Hacking?
The phrase “growth hacker” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010
A growth hacker is not a replacement for a marketer. A growth hacker is not better than marketer. A growth hacker is just different than a marketer. To use the most succinct definition from Sean’s post, “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth."

Tiffany told-
"I first learned about affiliate marketing in the beginning of Internet days. It all sounded simple enough: Promote some products, get people to buy them, and make a sweet commission. Seemed like an excellent project for the start of my summer. That morning I created my very own site dedicated to selling shaving products for women.

Hours later I had received my first sale, and then another, and then another.

The crazy part? I had no idea why the hell this was happening!
I was perplexed. My gut instinct was to quickly start emailing all the people who had bought from my site. When I started to look at the names, I instantly noticed something very strange. Every single one of my customers was male.
Why were MEN buying women’s shaving products? " explains Tiffany

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