Why Linkedin bought Lynda.com?

Linkedin bought online learning portal Lynda for $1.5 billion, for those of your not familiar with Lynda.com is a platform that provides online business, software, technology and creative skills courses similar to Coursera and Udemy. You can access thousands of courses on all sorts of different topics and pretty much learn any skill that you want.

Why Linkedin bought Lynda.com?
We all know Linkedin is a Talent management company which knows about every professional in this world, it knows about our current & previous Jobs and suggests future Jobs based on our skills.

Now with Lynda.com acquisition LinkedIn can now recommend courses based on career paths we are going to take.

Reason 1:
LinkedIn aims to connect people with job opportunities. Lynda.com aims to connect people with an education about those jobs.

Reason 2:
Linkedin is trying to bring college students on to its platform. Lynda.com already works with 40% of US colleges including Ivy league schools, this attracted Linkedin to buy Lynda.

Future Acqusitions from Linkedin
Very small minority of people on LinkedIn are looking for a job, most of them come to LinkedIn for other reasons, to network, to read or create content. In near future Linkedin would be on a lookout to buy great content companies.

About Lynda.com
Type: Online Education
Founded : 1997
Funds Raised : $103mn (Year 2013)
Head Quarters Carpinteria, Calif

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