TOP 20 TECH Startups India 2015

TOP 20 TECH Startups India 2015

With Tech Startups valuations sky rocketing, the IIT'ans & Premier tech. University grads are plunging into innovation and entrepreneurship. As Venture capitalists are also lining up to pour money into Indian startups with anything buzzed-about technology this space seems to attract the best talent in the country.

Here's a look at India's Top 20 Tech startups that sparked at TechSparks Hackathon 2015 event.

Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) 
Develops high-end autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), customizable for a variety of applications. AUS has ventured into civil, research and defence application capabilities using short-range UAVs. Founded by Nikhil Upadhye, Suhas Banshiwala, Vipul Singh and Yeshwanth Reddy, AUS’s core team is drawn from premier universities like IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Bombay.

Banyanpod Technologies
Is a media technology company in the on-demand entertainment space. Fropcorn, its hyper-local content distribution product, delivers high-quality content to consumers over wi-fi.
Co-founder/CEO Kartik Poddar has worked in product management and marketing in companies like Komli Media and Microsoft, while Co-founder/CTO Kartik Bansal is a self-confessed geek who has worked with Shindigg and Microsoft.

Basil Systems
Home automation product, CloverBoard, is a wi-fi-connected smart switchboard that gives users convenience, energy savings and security. Its suite of sensors provides time-of-the-day-based intelligence and learns user’s usage patterns.
Founded by Ritika Dhyawala, Nirmala Kunwar and Kumar Nishant, software designers and engineers from NIT Jaipur, the team has worked with companies like SAP, TATA Power and various startups in the past.

Is an end-to-end proximity-marketing platform, leveraging Apple’s latest iBeacon technology and Google’s Eddystone. The product aims to enable channel partners to effectively engage with audiences and create a meaningful experience.
Founder and CEO Unni Peroth is a seasoned IT professional who has earlier worked at IBM and HP. He was also co-founder of LenDen and Nfonics Solutions. The team also comprises COO Binoy Mathew, CTO Arun Raj and CMO Romy Mathew, all of whom are experienced professionals.

Mobisy Technologies’ Bizom
A ‘mobile-first’ cloud solution, provides real-time communication and analytics for sales, distribution, strategy, HR and branding teams.
Founder Lalit Bhise, inventor of Hybrid application programming leads Bizom, while co-founders Vasudeva Manjuth, Shree Bhise and Supreeth Reddy have deep experience in mobile, cloud and software technologies.

Capacloud’s Ecotop 
Is a 2×2 feet floor tile that can grow any plant on any horizontal or vertical surface without a lot of maintenance.
Founder Jayabrata Bhaduri has spent over 7 years in various companies across functions such as R&D, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sourcing, global trading and supply chain. His inclination towards clean tech led him to bootstrap Capacloud.

Cyclops MedTech
Is a medtech startup working on surgical and eye-tracking solutions. Their first product is a wearable eye-tracking device for accurate diagnosis of episodic neurological events like vertigo.
The core team comprises co-founders Dr Srinivas Dorasala and Dr Ravi Nayar, clinicians who are ENT surgeons and vestibular specialists. Co-founder Niranjan Subbarao, a serial entrepreneur, heads sales and marketing, while Chetan Jakkoju, an engineer specialising in computer vision and machine learning, is their technology lead.

Daily Rounds
Is a network of doctors with over 180,000 practicing doctors on the platform. Doctors use the Daily Rounds app to learn and share clinical cases, as well as the latest medical updates, guidelines and news.
Daily Rounds was founded by Dr Deepu Sebin, Nimmi Cherian and Priyaank Choubey. Deepu has worked in primary and tertiary healthcare, while Nimmi and Priyaank are computer science graduates with experience at technology MNCs and startups.

Furdo intends to make interior design simple. The startup has a “try-before-you-buy” 3D interior design solution that allows new homeowners to virtually walk through and experience their designed home.
Furdo was founded by Ishwar Sundararaman, Kiran Singh and Arvind Prakash Singh. Kiran has 18 years of experience in 3D visualisation, IIM-B alumnus Ishwar previously founded Revu and Clubd, while Arvind founded Vrixx.

Is a productivity platform for work. This cloud-based standardised application can be customised according to a company’s needs.
Gridle has a young enterprising team in founders Yash Shah, Anupama Panchal and Abhishek Doshi. The trio have known each other for 10 years and have worked together on 12 projects and a failed startup. They’ve been building Gridle for the past two years and have also raised a round of seed funding.

Is gamifying the foodie experience. Its platform lets users discover new places to eat by solving a quiz.
An IIT-Kanpur alumnus, founder Bal Krishn Birla worked with Infosys and Amazon before beginning his startup journey. He has earlier been part of founding teams of startups like AskLaila,
ZopNow, AdalBdal, SongPedia, Bhoole Bisre Geet, and Potluck Restaurant.

Habba (by Rang De)
Is an online store for traditional artisans of rural India.
Founder and CEO Ramakrishna NK was elected to the Ashoka fellowship in 2012 in recognition of Rang De’s game-changing efforts to lower the cost of borrowing when the focus was mostly on accessibility and not affordability.

Is a medical technology acceleration company focused on innovation for low- and mid-income markets. InnAccel has built a proprietary innovation platform and forged partnerships with national and global entities to support startups and entrepreneurs.
Co-founder and CEO Siraj Dhanani is a successful entrepreneur (PharmARC), investor and healthcare professional, while co-founder and CTO A Vijayarajan is a medical technology veteran with over 30 years’ experience (and was previously with GE Medical Systems). Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, an ENT surgeon, is the Director of Clinical Innovation.

Is a data science firm that enables organisations to accelerate their data-science adoption. Its flagship product, Datashop, helps businesses collaboratively determine business solutions by integrating disparate data sources and transforming them into actionable insights.
The company’s founders, Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija and Sandeep Gupta, are experienced in data analytics, data warehousing and related solutions. They have played leading roles at companies like Ingersoll Rand and universities like Harvard and Wharton.

Is a direct customer-connect platform that provides loyalty programmes and CRM solutions for brands in India.
Vinil Vadi has spent the last 15 years in startups as well as large, billion-dollar corporations, engineering highly scalable and next-generation product cores in the e-business and consumer internet segments for Fortune 500 companies like Asera Inc, WebMD, BP,, Walgreens and Tyson Foods.

Storefront Display Technologies
Nifty Window offers a SaaS platform aimed at helping brick-and-mortar businesses drive in-store sales across search, social media and mobile channels.
Co-founder and CEO Sujit Thomas Zachariah was earlier Product Director at Yahoo! US. Rakesh Raghuvanshi, Co-founder and President, earlier founded retail consulting firm Live1India and was CEO of Showtime Group.
Offers an artificial intelligence-assisted buying experience for the mobile platform. It helps consumers across all commerce functions, like booking a bus ticket to ordering food online using a chat-based format.
The company was founded by four IIT-Kharagpur graduates. Sachin Jaiswal is also co-founder of Innovaccer, Keshav Prawasi was earlier with Amazon, Nitin Babel was with Ipsos, while Shishir Modi was with

Is a consumer internet company that is working on enabling a close-knit community within neighbourhoods. The focus is on providing access to local level information and knowledge that can be of great use to all members of a community.
Co-founder Jackson Fernandez’s last stint was as a VP at Snapdeal after his group-buying venture was acquired. Prior to that, he set up and managed in India. Co-founder Balamurugan Balasubramanian is a BITS-Pilani alumnus and has built tech products in the social networking, e-commerce and ad-serving domains.
Is focused on building a futuristic platform that is at the intersection of virtual reality, deep learning, sensation and artificial intelligence.
Co-founder Raghu Venkatesh is a technology evangelist who loves pushing the boundaries in technology. He comes with experience in different fields like game development, ideation, innovation solutions and strategies. Co-founder Fazil V N has been a part of many startups since his teenage years, including W3Graphix, Appsud and

Qustn Technologies
Qustn is a mobile-first SaaS platform that aims to help companies engage and train their remote workers, resulting in a direct impact on revenue and profit.
Co-founder Mrigank Tripathi is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in the telecom domain with Oliver Wyman, Reliance Infocomm and Swisscom Vetures. Co-founder Sachin Grover was managing the Yahoo! global mobile homepage and has 15 years of technology experience with Microsoft, Yahoo!, Satyam and HP.


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