- A Startup building emotional support system

emotional support

Are you looking for help to discuss your emotions! YourDost an online counselling startup is there to help you connect with right experts to deal with your problem. YourDost is a platform which provides psychological support to the users with full anonymity

What Big Problem is YourDost trying to solve?
Reduce the stigma associated with mental wellness in our society.

Funding (Nov 2015)
YourDost has raised $400k (Rs.2.5 cr) seed funds from angel investors Phanindra Sama (redbus founder), Aprameya(TaxiforSure Founder) & members from Capillary Technologies.

50,000+ Conversations Served almost 70,000 users
Has a team of 75 experts

Richa Singh (IIT-Guhawati alumni)
Puneet Manuja (IIM-B alumnus)
Prakhar Verma

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