2016 Startup Competition - Letsiginite

Your passport to be invited to the biggest Angel Conference. Engage with over 250+ Globals Investors, Find your Lead and Get Funded. competition

Who should apply? 
 If you are Startup with a prototype and looking to raise funds between USD 200k - 1.5 Mn, LetsIgnite is your moonshot to meet, connect and network with Angels and VCs.

Last Date: Jan 15, 2016

Whats in it for you? 
 As a Startup, find your Lead Investor through the competition, get access to 250+ global investors and get funded fast. Top 300 Startups would get valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

The Curation Process
Round 1
The application is divided into three sections: startup information, team information and funding information. Based on curation by LV team, 300 startups would be selected for curation by Angel investors. The major criteria for the selection in Round 1 would be the idea, the business model, team execution capabilities and the industry.

Round 2
Startups that clear Round 1 will be invited to send their investor deck, financial projections and cap-table. Startups will be connected to a Mentor to pitch for the next stage. Startups would be curated on the parameters: market, differentiators, product, traction, execution (team), risk and financials.

Round 3
Lead investors based on the feedback of the angel investors/mentors will select 20 startups that they would like to fund this year. These startups would be invited to LetsIgnite to pitch in front of 250+ investors for fundraising.



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