Business Startup Ideas in Hindi 2016

How to start Online Business in India & How to do Online business in India. People have generally a question that what business to do online and also that what Idea they can work on.
In this video I had explained all the initial points and they are

1) ONLINE IDEA- Your Idea should be unique or from your field only, in which you have been working from so long.This is because you don't have to do a lot of research work, as you already have so much of experience in that particular field also it will save a lot of time and money also.Now if you would be willing to work within your field only than you would be having more confidence.

2) Online Presence- To start an online business first you should have a online presence and to have an online presence you need a website of your business. Before creating a company make sure that particular domain name is available on GO Now for website there are 3 types of website
1.Static- It is a very basic site with just basic features only, used by small business.
2. Dynamic- It is an advance site with extra features used by businesses who have consisting online promotion and wants to create regular leads online.


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