UBER INDIA Business Model 2016

Uber is one of those few tech companies in the world that has been valued over $50 Billion. Uber has already received an equity funding of $8.2 Billion and is present in 60 countries.

UBer Business Model
Uber India operates as a taxi aggregator. It takes ride requests (cab bookings) from retail customers via an app and passes it on to the available set of drivers at that moment, again via a driver facing app. Commuters pay for the ride out of which driver and Uber keep their respective shares.

How do Uber drivers earn and how much do they earn?
Uber drivers can sign-up on its website. They need to submit documents for approval before they can get started. Uber drivers, once on-boarded, earn by accepting ride requests of commuters. They can accept these requests via an iPhone (app).

Typically, Uber would pay a fixed daily amount to a driver, if they are logged on to its app for X hours during the day. On top of that, there is a per ride pay out. Both these amounts have been changing frequently due to shortage of trained/commercial drivers. This is in turn caused by competition from OLA/Meru/TFS and other such cab aggregators.

How much money does Uber driver make a month?
As of Jan, 2015, an Uber driver may earn as much as 90,000 INR in India.

Uber Success Strategy
1. Different cab models to cater to everyone
2. Surge Pricing Technology
3. Offers Other Uber rides.

Uber Timeline


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