Why 50% of existing startups could be ineligible for the #StartupIndia plan ?


If you carefully analyse two of the eligibility criteria of the Startup India Action Plan launched by Government of India, 50% of existing startups could be ineligible for the Startup India plan.

The caption "We UNOBSTACLE" shouldn't turn out to be an OBSTACLE to Startups"

Eligibility Criteria 1 
The product or service should be a new one or a significantly improved version of existing services or products.

Which means no existing or new startup can start an e-commerce platform like Snapdeal or Flipkart.

Eligibility Criteria 2
The startup should get a recommendation letter from the recognized incubator cell or be recognized by the Gov. of India or should be funded by recognized funds.
In India getting recommendation letter might be a challenging task.

Startuptimes Take
We  like the Governments Startup initiative however if India is really serious about encouraging existing & new startups they need to review eligibility criteria.


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