Microsoft to Acquire Mobile Keyboard app Swiftkey for $250M

swiftkey microsoft deal

Microsoft is acquiring London based startup Swiftkey which developed a Keyboard app that runs on 500 million Android and iOS smartphones. As per Financial Times the deal is close to $250M which will be announced soon.

Why is Microsoft interested in Swiftkey? 
The predictive engine behind Swiftkey keyboard could be put to many more uses. Microsoft is getting a niche team which is so at the forefront of AI

About Swiftkey
SwiftKey upgrades your smartphone keyboard making it faster and easier to type. SwiftKey’s free apps for Android and iPhone use Artificial Intelligence to learn from each user, accurately autocorrecting and predicting their next word. SwiftKey’s technology features on more than 250 million devices worldwide. Loved by consumers, its apps were named in the ‘Best Apps’ of 2014

Swiftkey Founded


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