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What does the company do?* is a cloud-based solution that enables users to automatically send electronic documents as letters via India Post. With its easy-to-use approach, the solution is ideally suited to private individuals and companies who wish to send postal letters. Using the free and open API, Pingen enables software developers to easily offer postal letters delivery within new and existing IT solutions.
What big problem does it solve?:Today, an increasing number of digital tools – like email, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and others – makes it easier than ever to communicate with other people. At the same time, this increasing variety of communication channels makes it more difficult to ensure that messages will actually capture the recipient’s attention. This is why, even in today’s digital world, the “ancient” postal letter remains an important communication channel. Receiving written information on a physical piece of paper creates more attention and a longer-lasting impact compared to the same information presented in digital form.

But sending letters by “snail mail” is tedious. Not only do you need to have a printer, paper, envelopes and stamps, but you must also hand the letter over to post office. That’s why it is Pingen’s mission to make letter-sending a convenient and pleasant experience.
What is unique about the company?:The Pingen concept is simple: a web-based service for submitting postal letters, so that customers no longer need to worry about managing print consumables or queuing at the post office. Instead, sending important documents as a postal letter becomes as easy as sending an email. To deliver this service, the startup partners with professional print facilities and postal organizations around the world.
What is the actual addressable market?:Even digital communication solutions are eating more and more into the letter market, the total market for postal letters is still over $400bn. With Pingen we focus on transaction letters (notifications, invoices, account statements). Even when leaving out the large senders like banks, insurance and major utility companies, the market for transaction letters in India alone are several billion letters per year.
Why do users care about your product or service?:Due to the increased attention and longer-lasting impact compared to email, postal letters are still a very powerful tool to communicate with your customers. The process of sending communication via postal letter however is tedious.
Pingen provides an easy, ready-to-use interface that makes sending postal letters as convenient as sending an email. This enables our customers to use the power of postal letters at no additional effort. Furthermore our open API gives software developers an unique tool to conveniently enable communication via postal letter in their solution.
What early traction has the company gotten?:Pingen has been launched in Switzerland at the end of 2012 and since expanded to Germany and Austria. Pingen is currently the market leader for these 3 countries and has now also entered the Indian market after receiving great interest from Indian clients.
We also recently entered into a collaboration with the world's largest logistic company DHL. Through this collaboration we receive direct access to the vast infrastructure of DHL. Enabling us to give our customers direct access to the high quality services and unprecedented rates for sending letters internationally.
What are the key differentiated features of your product or service?:The main benefits of Pingen are:
- Instantly ready to use
- No setup fees
- No minimal volume requirements
- Direct access to leading print facillities
- Very affordable international rates thanks to DHL
- Entrepreneurial and friendly staff
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Founders Name*:Sandro Kunz
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