18 Mistakes that Kill Startups

startup mistakes

There's a 100% chance that one of the below things will happen to your startup. It's the startup that can learn quickly, launch faster, and make customers happy that will succeed. Even if you find yourself in one of the 18+ scenarios above, don't fret... just rebound, get up off your feet, and start winning again.

1. Single Floor
2. Bad Location
3. Marginal Niche
4. Derivative Ideas
5. Stubbornness
6. Hiring Bad Programmers
7. Choosing wrong Platform
8. Slowness in launching
9. Launching too Early
10.Having no specific user in mind
11. Raising too little money
12. Spending too Much
13. Raising too much Money
14. Poor Investor management
15. Sacrificing Users to Profit
16. Not wanting to get your hands dirty
17. Fights between Founders
18. A half hearted Effort.


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