It's not too late to Build a Personal Website - If you Haven't?

Personal website

Building a personal website isn’t just about getting a domain of your name or to get yourself out there, On the google search rankings. As we have deliberately focused on sharing the best information on personal branding. We are here to share the importance of why you should get started with building a personal website for yourself as soon as you can. Here are some compelling reasons that will help you to convince yourself.

1. It’s your identity
Have you bought your domain name yet? For example –, if not. Do it now. Personal domain names are highly important when it comes to your identity. Anyone can buy the domains from godaddy or bigrock and misuse your personal brand. When it comes to social media. Everything is online and it takes just a post to publish any information about yourself. Be safe and first thing is to buy your domain name. Anyways, It costs 200 INR only.

2. Paper resume’s are ancient, digital portfolio is the new sexy
When it comes to job hunting, the first you do is either mail your CV to the companies or get a paper version to show up on the interview. Why not just share your website link to the companies and let them know how much you have accomplished while not being limited to the amount of pages you use. The Digital portfolio is the new cool, plus it makes you look professional and sexy. Go with it.

3. Get yourself out there
A personal website is all about how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. You can maintain a style and control on how others should see you. Either you are marketing yourself as a marketer, it is important to let the visitor know that you are a marketer and an expert in your industry. A personal website will help you showcase your talents and skills.

4. Engage with your followers and fans
One of the most important reasons of getting a personal website is increasing engagement with your followers which leads of helping more people and in turn results in more business or leads for your business. It’s about building a steady community around your profession and building a fan base who will regularly follow the blog on your personal website. They are not just your readers but an asset for your business (more on this later).

5. Develop your business with your personal brand
Okay, If you are new to the whole social media thing, you might not have a personal brand online as per say but once you start building friends and network. It  will grow faster that you can calculate. Once you start building a minimal personal website, you can redirect your traffic and readers optimally to sell your product or service. You can always hire an expert to do the conversion testing for you if you can invest.

6. Your personal website is the new digital asset
Building a personal website is a lot more like owning a part of the internet and you have the control over it. Building this platform will help you to build a positive influence in the future as a proof of your results. Social proof certainly acts as a must have in any industry when it comes to skills. A website or blog with high traffic and loyal readers is definitely a digital asset because you can always market your product or skills to your target audience and not having to rely on a job hopefully. That calls for financial freedom.

7. Take your readers on a journey
Make sure to create a blog on your personal website, most definitely if its made with WordPress CMS, it’s already integrated with the same. Your task from the day one is to take your readers on a journey with you. Share your experiences on how you started in the industry, what are the things you overcame and experienced while building your first business or a job. Don’t just talk to people but help them and they will stay your loyal readers for long time. In no time you will attract your target audience and build a loyal fan base that you an leverage for your other businesses.

8. Take control of your platform
‘Never depend on something you can’t control.’
Social media is not all about posting on facebook, twitter or linkedin. They can shut you down anytime. What after that? If you think about it, You will start building your platform to engage with your clients and attack new businesses your way. Because you can control your own platform and you decide whatever happens with it.

About the AuthorChirag Dodiya@ChiragD
Chirag Dodiya is a Guest writer for . Chirag is the CEO and co-founder of Plorej.

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