XBOOM Startup Pitch 2016

What does the company do?*:We provide various self defence and safety products to our clients at the best quality in low rates.
In a short duration of time, we have carved a strong customer base for our extensive product line.
Our product categories are self defence products, child safety, luggage safety and home security.Our products consists of pepper spray, personal safety alarms, stun guns ,power banks and anti lost alarms.
Also we offer safety training programs for corporates and students.
What big problem does it solve?:WOMEN SAFETY is a major concern at present times.
XBOOM provides support and solutions to this major problem. These products can save us from vulnerable situations and prevent the crime from happening.
What is unique about the company?:* Better presence in online and offline in a span of one year
* Giving quality products in a low price
* Provide safety training and conduct seminars on safety
* Rather than being a product only company, XBOOM has always focused to create awareness among societies about the importance of safety
What is the actual addressable market?:Addressable market is quite huge since the personal safety is required for almost everyone in the society, though our main target is working women, college and high schools girls.There is also huge potential in private and government security & law authorities.
Why do users care about your product or service?:Our products are the solution of the most clinging problem of our customers, i.e. safety.
We make sure that the quality of our products is at par and make it available at a price which is affordable for a large segment of our society.A wide range of collection of safety products makes it easier for the customer to choose the suitable product as per their need.
Our service in the form of training on safety has the unique set of modules and methods.The program is designed specifically for different segments like corporates, colleges ,schools etc. Moreover we are also giving online training in collaboration.So together we are providing 360 degree solution to one’s safety needs.
What early traction has the company gotten?:Within a short span of time we have managed to acquire large customer base of more than 15,ooo through our various sales channels.
We have got a tremendous support from the people, NGOs as well as government bodies. There has been many collabration offers from the companies working on the same issue.
What are the key differentiated features of your product or service?:
Company Web Site:www.xboom.in
Founders Name*:VISHAL SAURAV

Founders Official Email (not published)*:vishal.saurav@xboom.in


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