Fractions Math Problem - Close Estimate - Fractions to Percents

Julia collects colored beads for craft projects. Of Julia's beads, 4/9 are silver, 1/5 are gold, and 1/4 are blue. The rest of the beads are red. Which expression gives the closest estimates of the fraction of red beads Julia has?

The answer choices are:

a.  1-1/2-1/2-1/2
b.  1-2/3-1/3-1/3
c.  1-1/4-1/4-1/4
d.  1-2/5-1/5-1/5

Answer: d

Although this is a estimation problem, we would need to get a good idea of the remaining red beads. We first need to establish equivalent fractions or change to percents. 4/9=44.4%, 1/5=20% and 1/4=25% for a total of 89.4%. The remaining 10.6% is the percent of red beads(100 - 89.4=10.6). Roughly 1/10. From deductive reasoning, we can deduce that a and b are incorrect because they take away more than the original amount allows. Choice c leaves you with 25% and d leaves you with 20%.

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