OLA VIZAG - How to attach my car to OLA Cabs?

Olacabs has over 15,000 drivers working on their platform and many of them would like to buy their own car and attach it to Ola, effectively becoming an entrepreneur rather than just a driver. However, in many cases, financial constraints prevent them for buying their own car. Ola has earmarked a fund of Rs. 100 crore for the next 1 year to help such drivers and make available, access to deep discounts directly from car manufacturers as well as attractive financing schemes from banks and NBFCs. Ola has organized driver melas in different cities in association with car manufacturers like Nissan, Maruti, Ford and Mahindra to help drivers get access to all of this under one roof. Over 350 drivers across Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon have already benefitted through the offers given at the driver mela.

This ‘Independence Week initiative’ is part of company’s bigger mission to have a large number of owner ­drivers on its platform. Till now, nearly 25% of them have been able to buy their own cars through Ola’s help. Ola expects this number to rise to over 60% by the end of the year.


Steps to Register your Car/Taxi Company with Ola
1. Buy a new or used commercial car (preferably hatchback or sedan)
2. Hire a Driver with commercial license (Ola likes driver owners)
3. Collect the document from driver like ID Proof, Police Verification & PAN
4. Register a firm/company for the business
5. Open a current account
6. Apply for the service tax number and income tax registration
7. Collect the documents: Your ID proof, firm/company's registration, memorandum (if company), income tax registration, service tax registration, all the papers of driver that were collected in step 3
8. Contact the regional office of Ola/Uber and meet them with documents
9. OLA may call the car for inspection
10. OLA provide you all the necessary guidance and mobile, app etc.

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